Members & Subscriptions

Who can become a member and what kinds of memberships are available?

People and companies who seek to further develop and support ADempiere can become a member of the association.

To give members who cannot continue to activly develop the software for whatever reasons the opportunity to stay part of the association, we offer the follwing kinds of memberships:

a) Active members are people who activly support the association and help developing while beeing fully responsible in terms of the association. We expect these kinds of members to collaborate, to take part in assemblies of the association and to activly make use of voting right.

b) Passive members may be people and companies who seek to support the association through their membership but would like to relenquish the rights of an active member. Companies delegate a contact person.

c) Promoting members may be people and companies who support the aim of the aossication especially through monetary- or donations of goods. These members are represented on the website, if they wish and have the right to take part in the general assemblies of the association without the power to vote.